ICO Success

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How We Work

At ICO Success we prefer to work in a holistic fashion. While we do offer specific services on an “a la carte” basis, our preference is to make sure that all of the many moving pieces of a successful ICO are properly coordinated.

We also believe that the cost of our services should be based on value and not just demand. For this reason, we do not charge our blockchain clients more than our traditional marketing clients.

We do, however, believe in being firmly aligned with our clients' success. This means that we will ask for a variable success fee based on the end results of the ICO project. This can be formulated as a percentage of the funds raised, a share of the tokens or a mix of both.

Important Notice

Marketing an ICO is a complex and time consuming process. Doing a good job requires planning, preparation and hard work.

If you have left your marketing planning till the last minute, and are looking for a partner who will jump in a couple weeks ahead of the launch, please look elsewhere.

That's not how we do business.