ICO Success

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When, ideally, should the marketing work begin for an ICO?
We recommend between 3 and 4 months ahead of the actual crowdsale.

Money is very tight. Can I bootstrap my marketing budget?
You don't have to have your entire marketing budget before you start. However, that being said, you will need to have enough to cover fixed costs. Early token sale proceeds can and should be re-invested into the marketing budget. We can help you design this.

Do you provide a turnkey solution? Can I place my marketing fully in your hands?
While we provide a comprehensive marketing service, this does not mean that you can hire us and “look the other way”. Be prepared for months of demanding effort on behalf of the entire team.

Can you help with technical questions like token issuance?
That's not our specialty. However, we do have lots of contacts in the space and can help guide you in order to avoid common pitfalls.